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Nov. 17th, 2012

gee pic first  one

Wow i actually remembered my passwords!

I haven't been back here for a long time maybe i should have tried harder to remember to!
Memories i had lost and forgotten held here safe magical.
Five years have passed and so much has happened!
I have a lot to catch up on with my journal i hope i don't forget it again.
Speak soon

Jan. 24th, 2007

sorry folks

Sorry i have been away for a while but guess what I AM BACK!

May. 31st, 2006

lauri icon1

Fall out boy gig

Last night i went to see Fall out boy at the civic centre my local venue hall. And i was surprised by the whole experience!

I waited from 4.00PM till 6.00pm were then my friends met up with me, these friends were the kid that i have talked about previously and his NEW girlfriend and the kids sister that i planned to go with in the first place anyway i had 1 more hour to wait before doors opened up. I got chatting to this guy that was in front he was completly horrified that i love the rasmus and that i have a tat for them! Enought said as half way through the gig he was pulled out cause he FAINTED hahahahaha.

Getting on with the story. The first band THe hush were pants didn't like them at all to 70's hippy days, Second band The academy is were quite good not what i normally listen to but hey when in rome!

It got to fall out boy and they rocked i had my doughts that they would be really bad live performers but i was completly wrong i will shock you by saying they performed better that HIM and are on the same level as The rasmus they sound better live than recorded!!!!!

Pete did most of the talking in between songs and joe and pete had the licking guitar strings and bass strings going on. Pete did his swinging bass guitar thing and where i was standing FRONT ROW LEFT joe and pete kept coming over and standing on the speakers so i was like a metre away from them if that!!!!

So was really going mad for it, not to mention i go bad ass pictures and camera footage it was just a great nite not as good as it would have been with emma but she was there to technically i rang her up a few times to listen in well you are my bez mate i couldn't not encourage your nightmares hahahahahaha! Sorry.

Oh i forgot to mention that i couldn't meet the guys they wouldn't come out till everyone left also what i wore to fit in. The shock the horror i wore a pink polo shirt with skulls on and jeans!!!!
And it wouldn't have been a wicked nite without the good old fashioned tequilla me and the kid got smashed we were well done and his girlfriend and sister were not impressed in fact i think his girlfriend was jealous that me and him were so close!!!! OH OH well sue me i got no cash signing off now to read emmas fictions check them out go to MYCHEMICALROMANCEFORUM.COM and on fictional romance and look for Mend my soul great reading makes you cry like baby love ya speak soon nicks

May. 16th, 2006

lauri icon1

Hei peeps

Well i haven't posted in a while but thought i would jot a little something down just to let you all know i am still alive.

Well Fall out boy concert is hanging in the balance at the mo this guy has still not sent out the tickets and i dont think i am going to get them in time been looking for other tickets and i want them but i think the seller only takes paypal so am screwed! Was supposed to take my mates daughter!!! So i dont know what to do there.

I have been ill for a few days now been told i have a water infection! brilliant.

Work is shit i cant wait to find another job and turn round to my boss and tell him to stick his head up his ass just before i tell him i quit!

What else has been happening oh yeah my mate emma wants to start a band up and i am thinking about my stage name so if you got any let me know i dont wanna be known by my real name thats not very rock!

Oh and finally watched the rasmus documentary in bits and drabs on you tube man those finnish guys can just talk! Love it.

Cant think of any other news oh and lauri lover i am sorry i havent sent out your disks yet but i have been all over shop with work i have them waiting for a stamp at home!

Well i guess thats it signing off for now speak soon nicks

May. 2nd, 2006

Him entry


Starting this write up will begin when we got to Brixton. I went with Emma, and her Aunty Anita. We arrived from the tube station almost immediately getting lost as we walked down the street following HIM hoodies, we didn’t know if we had to go up or down this street so I asked a policeman that told us it was just round the corner.

When we got there, there was this huge queue of people god only knows how long they had been waiting there for! Anyway Emma was nervous because she grabbed my arm as we walked down queue she almost cut my circulation off! When we arrived to the end of the line me and Emma started to talk about loads of things mostly her up and coming fan fictions and the idea of starting our own band it is undecided to myself whether I will be playing guitar or the drums.

With this the line began to move slowly at first then a bit more until we were round the corner of the venue and could see the very beginning of the line. The downside was we stood next to a door where the stage and bar staff were coming in and out every 5 seconds bashing into us so after a while we moved about two more spaces away from that.

It was also around this time when I started to have a flip out session! I had been standing and looking around at the line when I noticed this guy, I had seen him at a previous gig me and Emma had been to, it was The Rasmus gig in London 2005. Anyway when he turned round to look down line I had a clear view of his face and it was Lauri Ylonen’s double (that’s the lead singer of The Rasmus for those that don’t know). He was the spit out of his mouth the likeness was amazing. I turned to Emma and was acting like a crazed melon. When I got the words out of my mouth to stand where I was and look ahead. She did and then looked at me and said in a very clear and loud voice.


In saying and seeing this she fell off the curb into the road luckily no traffic was coming down this street. So as we kept looking over at this guy I couldn’t help having these thoughts running through my head and I must tell you some were legal however the majority are illegal especially in full public view!

I have always thought what it would be like having that man as a boyfriend, and by the way I do know this is a fantasy and would never happen in this life or any other but for a guy that looks like him in every way that I could tell, that would be possible and the thought of this made my day. I only wish I would have had the balls and gone over to chat to him and possibly got his number or email but now I probably will never know!

At the same time this was happening another look alike walked past me with his friends he had longer hair like Lauri has in the new single video SHOT. I liked the both of them then the German TMF interview went through my head when Lauri was asked would you like to take part in threesome (cant remember French version). Oh how good would that have been sandwiched in between the two-look alikes god I wouldn’t know where to start first! Enough of the smut talk (smiles slightly evil), back to business.

After we had calmed down to as much as we could the line began to move quickly, we realised the doors had been opened as we got to the entrance for the gig. People were searching everyone so I hid my camera down my pants and Emma hid hers inside her hoodies knot. You may ask why we did this but I have been to gigs where they wont let you take in camera’s and they take them away from you and they aren’t doing that with me!!!

So we get into this place and Nita needs to pee so Emma and me go and have a look inside the venue and there was hardly anybody near the front middle section so we were going mad waiting for Nita to finish so we could get our places, while we were waiting the look alike that I had seen first kept walking past me and I wanted to rugby tackle him to the floor and rip off his death row shirt, WOW I think I’m getting carried back to the moment here. Will try to calm down.

Right where was I? Anyway we got our places and stayed there. The support act came on about an hour after the doors had opened and they I thought were really good I can’t remember what they were called though. I really liked the guitar work and the singing wasn’t bad either. Then came the section of waiting again as the support act finished and the stagehands sorted the cables.

Then darkness fell and these big fucking chandeliers rose to the middle of the stage setting and then flashing lights and then the guys came on stage. There was an up roar the crowd went wild and the pushing started, Ville was a little bit tipsy but not to pissed and he had this tie that clashed with his dapper suit, his hair slicked back with greasiness. Not the usually well-presented guy but still looking very hot, and the rest of the band took their places.

The opening song was SOUL ON FIRE Emma and I tried to record it on camera and we did to the point of the chorus and then the madness started so I switched camera off and started to jump about and join in with the crowd. It was later on in the show that I had to get out of the mosh pit and stand at the side of the gig cause I got kicked by someone crowd surfing and it threw me off balance so I didn’t feel that good I still had a pretty good view from where I stood in the end. And Emma and Nita had to get pulled out over the barrier as Emma almost got trampled to death! So did Nita for that matter I was very worried about her after I found out what had happened. As I was busy trying to standing and not fall down and also the events that had taken place previously meant that the order of the songs that I tried to remember elude me now but I can recall some that were sung, PLAY DEAD, YOUR SWEET 666, RAZORBALDE KISS, CRIMSON DOOR, KILLING LONLINESS, VAMPIRE HEART, WICKED GAME, BURIED ALIVE BY LOVE, POISON GIRL, SOLITARY MAN (for this night he called it solitary woman), RIGHT HERE IN THESE ARMS, and I can’t remember the other songs there was a Black Sabbath over but I couldn’t make it out.

As the evening progressed Ville did start to get pissed he had quite a few cans of beer on stage, which did start to affect his performance. He began to forget song words and the order of verses, when JOIN ME began he paused and turned round to the band saying.


The guys had already got the song going when he put in this request so they stopped playing abruptly and began the chorus you could tell they looked pissed off. He had speeches about fish for some strange reason then he was on about genitals, I believe he was on about his own, and then I think he said something about “TONY BLAIR” well that I agree with MR BLAIR is a bastard. And then he came out with something about alcohol which is no big shock and he also asked if there were any REAL Goths in the house of course everyone roared when he said this. Then he went on about how the guys were not afraid of their sensitive side and his voice kept getting deeper and deeper so you could only make out parts, this is when he said we call this song SOLITARY WOMAN.

At one point the alcohol must have been kicking in big time cause his mic was playing up a little bit and he threw the thing down and was being very stand off to the stage hand that was trying to sort the problem out and it still wouldn’t work so he went and nicked Mige’s mic instead. Then again at the end of the night when the set drew to a close he threw the mic down and I almost certainly saw it smashed.

All in all it was an interesting night but I ended that concert feeling sorry for Ville and the band. The reason I felt sorry for Ville is that he must feel he has to drink to be able to perform he seems to be similar to Gerard Way in that respect, meaning when Gerard was a big time alcoholic he drank so he could get through shows this is what Ville is doing I think, and it’s going to do him and the people who love him no good. And I felt sorry for the rest of the band for having to get through the show not knowing if Ville would still be on his feet or having a fight! The rest of the guys were definitely not amused with him. I conclude that out of the shows I have been to this isn’t in my top 3 list which I am sad about and disappointed about too. The highlight of the day was for me the look alike duo, which I would love to track down and get in contact with.

Apr. 28th, 2006

Him concert

Sorry but i have a really crap computer i wrote the perfect write up five times the other day and saved it to my memeory stick now the studip mo fucker wont load will have to write the report out by hand then post it again straight to the comp at the library sorry about this hope its not to disapointing to you emma but i am sorting it out. By the way how do you like my first ever icon? Took me a while to get it made but i finally figured out what the hell to do! Now the memeory stick wont work god knows how i am gonna transfer files back and forth from laptop to old comp!

Mar. 19th, 2006

Hello ther everyone!

Well thought i would quickly write an entery as i have never had chance until now!

well if you can remember me mentioning the kid before? Well we are really good friends i went to see his band play last night they were amazing and they dedicated a song to me!

Was speechless it was amazing.

The reason why me and the kid for the purpose of hiding names i will use this alias anyway we are just friends now for the time being because he has told me he has a girlfriend and get this she lives in manchester! He has seen her twice but they have never spoken more than two words to eachother so i have my fingers crossed that things will die down between them and he will become more and more friendly with me!

I am so confused by the situation though he says he wants to be good friends and has a girlfriend then he starts to text me all sorts of stuff emma you know what i am on about!

you know the worst thing about it the girls name he is seeing and i use that term lightly thought is Emma the same name as my best friend so it is a wierd thing! I will deal with it thought as i said before nothing comes between me and my friends so this situation is not that bad as i have emma Bez mate emma to talk to! Love you mate!

And i a sorry if you are disappointed in me for hoping but got a lot of feelings out in my fan fiction! Well gotta go mom is having a nut job speak to you all soon nixs

Mar. 5th, 2006

Hello there

Sorry its been so long i have been up to all sorts of things.

Well the new house is taking shape we have sorted all the little things that were wrong now all we need to do is to decorate and put new carpets down and thats about it apart from the one major job we have to under take the council that own our home put new windows in before we moved in well we found the other day this big ass gap in the windows!!! They now have to come out and put new windows in in the weather we have been having i am so not looking forward to it we are gonna freeze.

Well carrying on i may have a pen pal/ boyfriend its not a dead cert yet but we are staring to get close and he is really nice. He lives about 3 minutes away from me and i work with his mother and she is so nice and he is a band that for me stole it!!! He and his band might be supporting Fall out boy or Artic monkeys when they come to play at the civic which for those that dont know is where all our towns concerts are held!

Anyway what other news have i got for you well not much i am sad to say i would like to thank emma for my brilliant icons she made me and the one i am sporting on this entry and would like to say sorry for making her do them for me as i know thats not her favorite person! Well gotta go for now will try and get more news soon and more interesting bye for now Love nicksX

Feb. 21st, 2006



Nothing much again!

Well i haven't got much news again thats what my life has turned into a boring streak!

The woman i work with is so nice and she has a son and she wants me to go out with him i dont mind cause i think he is sweet and cute so i said i would contact him cause he is shy!

So i have sent him an email now there is only one problem with this situation, he is 16 years old he turns 17 this week i in october become 20 years old the age difference isn't big but its freaking me out i need advice!!! So please help me what should i do become his friend and get onto the boyfriend girlfriend thing or just make friends and leave it ther?

I do like him he reminds me of Mikey way he looks identical!!!! He is in a band (rock) and he plays lead guitar and it terrible that i say this but i have a soft spot for guitar drumer and lead singers Bass players not so much sorry!!! Thats sounds so horrible i didn't mean for that to sound like that!!!

But if you can help me give me the advice i need!

Nothing else has happened this week and great news i have booked the weekend from work off so am as free as a bird brilliant as its on shit face shift (thats my horrible bosses shift to you lot) i am over joyed i really am begging you now emma B but please consider staying at mine mom and dad would be ok and they even said you are welcome whenever! Please i will pay for your coach ticket and its smooth journey you wont have to change over like you did on the train!!!!!

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